Robyn Celebrates Getting International Gigs

The model and influencer is overjoyed

By  | Aug 31, 2022, 06:03 PM  | Drama

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Just over 2 months ago, award-winning media personality Robyn Nakaambo hinted that she has something big to announce in due time. We do not know yet what that is but her latest post might indicate that she has secured a major bag.

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"We woke up to such great news today! Overwhelmed with gratitude," she wrote. Fans were eager to find out what the good news could have been but she was careful to reserve her silence and not divulge too much on it.

"Sooon and very soon the cat will be outta the bag," she said responding to a fan.

Now, she shared some good news that she has partnered with an international brand.

"My God has been so good to me. I'm still in awe at my latest win. Another international one in the bag and my samples have just arrived. Your dreams are valid Namibian girl child," she wrote on her stories.
Robyn's IG stories

Robyn then shared some motivational posts in an attempt to encourage her fans.

Robyn has partnered with various brands including Epimax, Castle Lite, Meraki Wellness, YouNique and others. She is also the founder of a beauty, cosmetic & personal care company called Superlative Hair Boutique and Chilli ChefRobyn.

Robyn served some fire content when she celebrated her 33rd birthday at the Avani Windhoek and Casino Hotel.

"Birthday Countdown has officially begun! 23 April 2022 is approaching and I sure as hell dunno how to act...Thank you Heavenly Father for the endless opportunities you continue to bestow in my path! My Brand is truly blessed to work with other brands and see collaborations beyond what I could ever fathom in fruition my Heart is FULL! We launching soon Baby!"

Robyn has been a victim of bullying which escalated to the authorities. Speaking to The Namibian, she said, “I refuse to be a doormat for people who disregard people’s feelings and stand firm in making an example of the cyberbullies in my recent predicament.

“I collected all the threads of defamatory content written about me and presented it to the community police, who assisted me in contacting two culprits and asking them to publicly apologise for the false accusations they wrote about me." She told the publication.

Another star having to face bullies is Meriam Kaxuxwena who is not new in the bullying business. "Most of you are professional bullies. You have a degree in insulting people. Too bad I don't have time for dysfunctional people. Energy vampires trying to suck the life out of me," she wrote on her Instagram account. 

She then asked her followers what could be the reason people are this mean to her, "Why do people talk sh*t about me? They never met me, only know me on Instagram."

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