End Of The Road For King Tee Dee?

So soon!

By  | May 07, 2021, 09:31 AM  | Drama

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It has been a couple of years since multi-award-winning musician King Tee Dee, blessed his legions of fans with an album.

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To date, King Tee Dee remains one of the country's most relevant and celebrated musicians, whose fan base continues to grow rapidly. The musician was thrust into superstardom when he released "Jesus Otati", in 2003 and the single catapulted his career to even greater and greater heights and he has never looked back.

Although some musicians have been dropping hit singles and albums recently, it seems King Tee Dee is still not feeling pressured to release an album. In a tweet in 2020, he said he has achieved what many can only think of in a lifetime in music and said he was not inspired to release new music.

"Personally I feel like I achieved all I wanted in music. Currently, I'm not really inspired to record music, Tate Buti was Lucky to get me in studio which I just did 10 minutes recording & left. I feel like doing something new totally out of music that can challenge me."

The rapper recently celebrated his birthday and it seems no album is still in the cards for this year. As he celebrated his birthday he stole the hearts of many when he revealed that he paid a student's tuition fee as part of his birthday present.
In an interview with New Era in 2020, King Tee Dee said being present on social media has helped to maintain his relevance.

“One thing I will always be grateful for is my fans who have been supporting me throughout my music career; they never stopped believing in me and even when years pass by without dropping a new track or album, they still keep me on top. Being active on social media also helps me to keep rolling the ball,”
he said.

He further stated that changing his name from The Dogg to King Tee Dee keeps him relevant.

“Even when I am quite on music, some artists always feel threatened by me – to such an extent where they would force me to resign. Changing my name to King Tee Dee also left many talking because they feel like I am now their king,” he laughed.

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