Ntsiki Does Not Want To Be Compared To Mihlali's "Fake Beauty"

She calls Mihlali fake

By  | Feb 16, 2021, 04:26 PM  | Ntsiki Mazwai  | Drama

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Ntsiki Mazwai always catches heat for her looks from trolls and this time she got compared to beautician Mihlali Ndamase. Even though she did not exactly get called 'ugly', the tweep was merely appreciating Mihlali Ndamase’s looks. However it all went south when the person involved Ntsiki. 

"Mihlali makes everyone else look like Ntsiki Mazwai," the tweep said. That did not get the reaction he quiet expected because Ntsiki's legions of fans attacked the man whilst defending the poet.

“The fact that other Black people find it so easy to make fun of Ntsiki, a Black woman, and make derogatory remarks about her shows exactly how much Black people hate themselves… Not even caring how that makes her feel as a human being. We are such a lost people.”

Ntsiki is not moved at all by people who attack her looks, “Don't stress too much…My life is too beautiful and blessed for me to focus on the negative. People are not my God…I won't do face beats and weaves for acceptance. Bazobastrong (they will be strong.)”

“Here is what I wish for you to understand... When I too wear face beats, weaves and costumes I will be exactly the same as your fake beauties. In fact you will be stunned at how photogenic I am. But there is absolutely NOTHING they can do to have a mind like mine,” she commented.

This after Mihlali posted saucy Valentine's Day posts where she wore a stunning lingerie for a photo shoot.
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