Bujy Gets Dragged By Nandos

Where did it all go wrong?

By  | May 19, 2020, 02:11 PM  | Drama

If there's one thing that people treasure the most, that is their name. This is how they are identified when they are in a group of people. Yes, features of the individual may also come into play, but the name is the most important and many hold theirs dearly. Bujy Bikwa is one such individual. His name means everything to him.

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Giant eatery, Nandos's latest move did not sit well with Bujy and he wasted no time in pointing that out. Nandos has a new delicious meal that they are currently promoting, of which they have named it, Bougee Bowl. Bujy feels that Nandos should have given him credit because he believed that it is reference to him hence he is known as Bujy.

Companies are usually polite and quick to apologize when faced with a complaint from customers, but it did go that way with Nandos this time.  Instead of rendering an apology to Bujy or trying to explain why they named their dish that way, they made fun of him.

Take a look at the twar that went down between Bujy and Nandos on Twitter.

The twar between Bujy and Nandos kept going. Read more here.

Some of our celebrities have gotten used to dragging big companies on social media.

Remember the time when media personality,  Bonang Matheba dragged another well-known eatery, Steers? Bonang raised concerns on Twitter about Steers in Sandton City not having ribs. She was later informed that, that particular Steers does not serve ribs, she can go to another branch.

However, in this case who do you think was wrong? Bujy Bikwa or Nandos? 

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Main Image Credit:Instagram/Bujy_Bikwa