2011 Movie Contagion Predicted The Pandemic Of Coronavirus!

The movie told the same story we are currently experiencing from coronavirus.

By  | Sep 24, 2020, 01:40 AM  | Drama

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South Africans gathered in their lounges yesterday, to watch the world-renowned movie, Contagion. The movie is centred around a deadly lethal airborne virus, which was transmitted and claimed thousands of lives abroad.

The movie premiered in 2011 and, it has been receiving praises as it shows how a group of scientists left no stone unturned, to find a cure for the deadly virus which many said was the same as coronavirus.

South Africans were convinced that the movie predicted the current pandemic of coronavirus because all the events which transpired on the movie like, coronavirus symptoms, social distancing, sanitizers and masks running out of stock and the death of many people are the same.

Some even suspected the virus was created by humans which they said they so allow to be vaccinated for coronavirus.

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