Mushe Accuses Amushe Of Being Gay

'Thats Because Your Boyfriend Cannot Impregnate You'

By  | May 19, 2020, 02:11 PM  | Mushe Ulenga  | Drama

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Musician and businessman Mushe Uulenga has accused politician and entrepreneur Michael Amushelelo of being gay on social media.

This comes after Amushelelo posted a video on Instagram allegedly insulting political elders and and Uulenga struck back saying, "I don't have a long story for you my brother, but my advice is, stop it."

Amushelelo who caught feelings after Uulenga responded than hits back with another message telling the singer to rather continue selling his eggs than worry about what he had said in the video.

"So i m guessing that your parents taught you to impregnate all the girls and just make children left right  and center and in the air. Sell your eggs chief," Amushelelo said.

It seemed like Amushelelo pressed the wrong button mentioning Mushe's many kids and took the feud further mentioning something about him having a 'boyfriend'.

"That is because your boyfriend cannot impregnate you. Stop insulting big people...Shaishe," Mushe wrote.

Welp, that escalated quickly!

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