WATCH: Julieta Celebrates Amushelelo's Bail

He was granted N$5,000 bail with Nauyoma

By  | Aug 22, 2022, 05:58 PM  | Michael Amushelelo  | Drama

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Commissar for Economic Development at the Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF), Michael Amushelelo has been granted bail today, 22 August. He and AR Activist member Dimbulukeni Nauyoma were granted bail of N$5,000 each.

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The politicians appeared at the Windhoek High Court this morning where they appeared on charges of threatening to close down China Town. Together with several other NEFF members engaged in a protest action at Chinatown in Windhoek two months back.

When the bail hearing was passed down, their supporters cheered on and Julieta was among them. She looked visibly happy and excited for her husband.
Taking to Instagram, she shared her excitement over her husband's release and they all celebrated with friends. 

Julieta once promised her husband some babies when he gets out from prison. 

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Julieta Amushelelo

In a sweet Instagram post, Julieta penned a sweet message to Michael and expressed how excited he is of him.

"I am honestly so proud and highly blessed to be married to such a hard working, driven, generous, lovely, considerate, respectful, non-corrupt, husband. You are and will forever be everything to me. Watching you be such a fearless well calculated leader has been eye opening not only to me but to all that follow and believe in you.

"There is no day that passes by where by I don’t miss you, but I’m hopeful and grateful that I get to go through this with you. There is no one else I’d choose besides you !! I love you coração. I hope you get all the rest you need cause when you come out we are going to make Babies."

When he got arrested, Michael handed himself over to the police. In a Facebook video he said, Amushelelo handed himself over to the police and on video said, “Ndeitunga, I am here, come and arrest me personally because you are just there getting a salary for nothing. If you want me arrested, you must come and do it yourself.”
During his arrest, Michael said he stands by the poor Namibians by going on a hunger strike. 

He penned a lengthy letter and captioned it, "I Michael Ndali Saddam Amushelelo, a political prisoner in Windhoek central prison, I hear by informed the Namibia nation that I am on a hunger strike to protest and raise the following issues.

"Unemployment, marginalized groups, hunger, poverty, oppressed workers, injustice, the poor messes who are economically excluded, and my fellow depressed youth who are the majority yet they have no sense of urgency to solve their issues. I will remain on a hunger strike in solidarity with my fellow Namibians who go to bed on a hungry stomach because they do not have food. Power to the people!!!
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