Michael Amushelelo On The Hardships He And Julieta Faced

"If you want to survive hardships, find yourself a companion that is going to love"

By  | Sep 11, 2022, 06:56 PM  | Michael Amushelelo  | Drama

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Michael Amushelelo shows his wife Julieta some love in a lengthy Instagram post. In it, he speaks of the many hardships they faced as a couple and schooled people on how they should keep people like Julieta around during hard times, because she knew how to love him despite. 

Amushe expressed gratitude to Julieta who stuck by him when his bank accounts got frozen. He said she stood by him and loved him despite everything that was going on with him financially. 

"My beautiful wife has been by side through some difficult hardships and we still continue to endure hardships. In 2019 when our bank accounts were frozen and our assets taken she remained by my side, supporting and loving me," he said. 

Amushe then spoke about his arrest three years ago, which resulted in his and Gregory Cloete's bank accounts getting frozen. 

He said he and Cloete were a threat to the government.

"What hurts us the most is the fact that our bank accounts still remain closed and the biggest victims is Namibian people who invested with us. The government is claiming that it arrested and froze our bank accounts in order to help them.

"How do you help people by harming them even more? All our Project One Million clients can testify that before our arrest and freezing of bank accounts on the 10th October 2019 all our clients always received their money on time," he said. 

Amushe spoke about how the system is designed against the black person and made an example of the banking system. 

He concluded his post by saying people should find companions who will never leave their side when times get hard. 

"However my point for today is that if you want to survive hardships, find yourself a companion that is going too love you through the good times and bad times, through difficult financial times and during great financial times."

This is one of his many posts dedicated to Julieta. One post spoke about the kind of woman Julieta is and he said he is extremely grateful for her. 

Julieta also shares the same sentiments as Amushe and even wrote him a sweet something when he was arrested. 

"I am honestly so proud and highly blessed to be married to such a hard working, driven, generous, lovely, considerate, respectful, non-corrupt, husband. You are and will forever be everything to me. Watching you be such a fearless well calculated leader has been eye opening not only to me but to all that follow and believe in you.
"There is no day that passes by where by I don’t miss you, but I’m hopeful and grateful that I get to go through this with you. There is no one else I’d choose besides you !! I love you coração. I hope you get all the rest you need cause when you come out we are going to make Babies."
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