Fans Call For Michael Amushelelo's Release!

A month later, he is still arrested after bail was denied

By  | Apr 22, 2023, 04:19 PM  | Michael Amushelelo  | Drama

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Fans of activist Michael Amushelelo have called for him to be freed from prison as it marked exactly a month since his arrest. Last month, Michael Amushelelo and Dimbulukeni Nauyoma from the Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF) got arrested after the Youth Unemployment protests in Katutura Youth Center in March.

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NBC News reported that the activists' lawyer Kadhila Amoomo needed time to consult with an advocate who defended Amushelelo. Nauyoma got released after applying for bail, however Amushelelo remained behind bars.

His IG page wrote, "Today (April 21) marks 1 month since Michael Amushelelo was arrested after standing up for the unemployed youth of Namibia. Let us not forget the reason why he is behind bars, we need to stand together and continue the fight."

Amushelelo then shared a video of what happened before his arrest:

Julieta Amushelelo previously has a very strong and powerful message, expressing concerns that her husband might be in danger as he is arrested.

"I am highly concerned with my husbands safety. Him being a political prisoner means that there are a lot of precautions that we need to follow for his own protection. One of the precautions include him not eating food that did not come from the hands of the people we trust," she starts off her post which was shared through Amushe's IG page.

"The procedures are as follows when taking food for him in jail. When I take in the food , they make me open the food , taste it and hand it to them opened. After that, the officers are in possession of his food until it's convenient enough for them to go and hand him the food."

Julieta is concerned that her husband Amushelelo will be assassinated, "I am worried that between this window of them having his food it will be the perfect opportunity for them to finally carry out his assassination as per death threats that he has been receiving. The officers are not allowing me or any of our family members to hand him his food and we can not take the risk of trusting the same people that are trying so hard to get rid of him, with his food."

Julieta alleged that they deprived her husband food, "They are putting him in a position where by he either eats the food they provide or starve to death. Not to mention that since December families have not been allowed to visit their loved ones due to the window. In the visiting room being broken . How is it that almost 3 months later they can't fix something as simple as a window?"

Her followers told them that they should stop with the activism because it is putting their lives in danger. One even said they should stop risking everything for people who do not care about them.

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