Amushelelo's Wife Claims 5 Men Have Been Following Her

We hope she is safe

By  | Jun 20, 2022, 04:51 PM  | Michael Amushelelo  | Drama

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Wife of Commissar for Economic Development at the Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF), Michael Amushelelo, shared a frightening post about her being followed by 5 men. There has been growing concern over her safety.

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Taking to her Instagram stories, Julieta Amushelelo revealed that there have been 5 men, more specifically 4 black men and 1 Chinese man, that have been apparently following her.

In a simple and straightforward post, she said, "I'm being followed. 4 black guys and a Chinese."

Reposting her posts, a gossip page on Instagram connected this with the recent arrest of her husband Michael Amushelelo.

"This is now becoming scary!! Is this a way to intimidate Amushe? One thing is for sure, Chinese have a lot of connections with the mafia," the page claimed.

Amushelelo handed himself over to the police, at Windhoek Police Station on May 13. He and 7 other NEFF members were denied bail on several occasions and their supporters flocked the streets to threaten the halting of business operations in China Town.

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The NEFF members engaged in a protest action at Chinatown in Windhoek last month. The Namibian reported that the Namibian police inspector general, Sebastian Ndeitunga called for a manhunt to arrest Michael after those protests.

Michael then shared a video of himself at the station, “Ndeitunga, I am here, come and arrest me personally because you are just there getting a salary for nothing. If you want me arrested, you must come and do it yourself,” he said in the video.

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The couple has been on and off but are now in a steady and loving relationship. He always posts and gushes over her and even supports her businesses by reposting them.

But there was a time where Julieta threw shade at Amushelelo when they broke up, "There is always someone cuter, richer, taller, nicer and better in bed ETC" she said and added a laughing emoji.

Amushelelo also threw some shade of his own when he shaded his exes in a lengthy post. 

"I mean how do you guys cope with dating a lady who thinks a relationship is an occupation; she is supposed to be paid and taken care of? Even if it's an occupation, what services is she actually offering to be privileged to receive such benefits, Or is she a ghost worker? ( NB: sex is not a benefit ONLY to men How do some guys manage to date, such ladies? Am not saying this because am working but it's what I see in most ladies," he shared.

"No wonder suicide and depression victims are mostly men. See guy, don't ever date a broke girl no matter how gorgeous you think she is. They are serious liabilities.  Rather date a lady who adds something beneficial to your life. Things like emotional intelligence; financial intelligence; spiritual intelligence and other intelligence. Date someone who's capable of calming the storm within your soul ( an average man has enough storms ); and not someone who adds stress to your life."

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