Amushelelo's Stunning Revelation

Celebrating success and living clean.

By  | May 05, 2021, 05:47 PM  | Michael Amushelelo  | Drama

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 Popular socialite and self-proclaimed businessman and Forex Trader Michael Amushelo hasn't been able to catch a break from the public eye Amushelelo is no stranger to the public eye and definitely knows how to rile his 166 000 followers up with a good Instagram post.

 Since his silent shade battle with his ex who recently is thought to have shaded the controversial businessman, that’s what the internet seems to think. In an Instagram story, she wrote "There is always someone cuter, richer, taller, nicer and better in bed ETC" followed by a laughing emoji. if this was a jab at Amushelelo that had to have been a heavy blow to his ego.
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 His comments about “mentally broke women” also had the internet reacting wildly, in that fiery post Amushelelo let his feelings over women who want financially well off men but when it comes to appreciating and reciprocating that love to their partners, they tend to complain. This sparked a huge debate on Twitter and in the comment section of his post. In the end, Amushelelo stuck to his guns and advised men to date women who are intelligent and can provide emotional support, financial intelligence.
 This time he caused an online stir for something quite positive, two days ago the businessman took to his Instagram to share an important moment and milestone in his personal growth, he took to Instagram writing;

 “Dear young folks this is me in 2010. I used to love alcohol and beer was my favourite drink, this is due to the fact that I fell in love with the process of brewing beer because at the time I worked as an apprentice brewer. In 2012 I quit alcohol and made a personal deal with myself, the deal was that I will not drink alcohol until I become a millionaire, I eventually ended up becoming a millionaire but I didn’t start drinking again, because the feeling of being sober, aware and in charge is a feeling I would never trade for a glass of alcohol….I am not guaranteeing you anything, but go ahead and quit drinking alcohol and see if you won’t notice improvements in your life. Take note if you wish to quit drinking alcohol you don’t need a witch doctor or pastor to pray for you in order to quit.
Quitting is quite easy, you just have to be disciplined.
Michael Ndali Saddam Amushelelo
As a public figure, Amushelelo has actually used his platform for good as this was an important and intimate moment in his life, which is probably what prompted him to limit the comments so as to not let negative energy and comments from unwanted trolls invade his comfort zone with unnecessary comments.

But some less than savoury comments did manage to seep through the cracks, one user writing “ If people quit alcohol, who is gonna support our bars muthetu?” and this is just one of many that seeped through the post. 
But this post did leave a positive mark upon his followers encouraging them to take control of their lives and their destiny. His loyal followers took a moment to express their support of Amushelelo and also sharing their personal experiences with alcohol and reaching their goal with one follower writing: Daaaamn... I needed to hear motivation and inspiration like this... Just when I was about to give up on myself, I read this... Thank you for awakening the sleeping hustler in me... Be blessed “ 
We are here for the personal growth and positive energy Amushelelo is spreading to Namibian Youth we look forward to more inspirational content from Amushelelo.

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