"You Are Not Cute, You Are Only Naked"

Meriam Kaxuxwena comes guns blazing at a tweep dissing her looks

By  | Jan 18, 2021, 12:07 PM  | Meriam Kaxuxwena  | Drama

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It is no secret that women across the globe are often subjected to a lot of hate on social media especially body shaming and how they look has become very rife and it is not cool! Some women have developed a thick skin to deal with this pandemic but some are quick to clap back at body shamers and haters.

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Meriam Kaxuxwena is the latest Namibian celeb to face hate based on how she looks. This follows after she posted a picture of herself on her Instagram showing off her sexy body.

The model laid down on her stomach on a coffee table while showing us her butt and captioned it"Please make me famous m too cute to look for a job. A fan decided to spew hate on her post and commented "You are not cute, you are only naked. Nudity is not beauty." The enraged model had to wear her boxing gear to hit back delivering a lethal clap back at the hater clapped she replied "so what?

Meriam is not the first Namibian to experience this. In a tweet today on 26 November 2020, Top Cheri said a male hater once told her that she was ugly and she responded by saying it was all right and did not make noise about it. Top Cheri said the homie was promoting like heaven and we wonder who that homie is.

The musician told the hater that cannot shake her as she prepared to release her album "Ane boy called me ugly ... hoping I would react dramatically! I told him that he is right! Now homey is promoting calling heaven. You can never shake a girl who knows she is ugly!," wrote Top Cheri

Meriam is currently living her best life in Miami. The model has claimed the globetrotter tag with her traveling experiences. The model has been traveling to various places around the globe since she shot fame. Meriam rose to superstardom with her modeling career and she has become one of the country's well-known beauty queens, who keeps on flying the Namibian flag high on international pageants.

It is befitting to say that Meriam has managed to solidify herself as the most famous woman in the Namibian pop culture and everything she touches turns to gold. Despite all the hate, she might experience on social media she remains true to herself that is a queen.

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