Meriam Kaxuxwena And Dillish Mathews' Famous Beef

Don't we all miss the drama?

By  | May 31, 2022, 07:24 AM  | Meriam Kaxuxwena  | Drama

Meriam Kaxuxwena and Dillish Mathews
Whenever the names of beauty queens Meriam Kaxuxwena and Dillish Mathews appear next to each other you automatically know that we have to revisit their infamous catfight that trended for weeks.

Before Meriam Kaxuxwena and Dillish became sworn enemies, they used to be friends who used to support each other's businesses, then hell broke loose when a man came in between them.

Here is a timeline of Meriam Kaxuxwena and Dillish Mathews’ relationship from when things used to be good to when they went South, and where they currently stand.

Meriam Kaxuxwena’s beef story

Meriam and Dillish, source: Instagram

In 2019, Dillish Mathews was in a budding relationship with one of the most renowned footballers in Africa- Emmanuel Adebayor. The couple were considered not only hot but also perfectly made for each other.

Their relationship was all about vacations, roses, and the sweetest posts on social media captioned with love emojis.

But while their fans admired their relationship and hoped that it would lead them to the altar and the two would live together forever, not everybody was pleased with this relationship, and among them was Dillish’s former friend and international pageant queen- Meriam Kaxuxwena.

It appears that Meriam had been in a relationship of sorts with Adebayor and she was not very pleased that he had moved on and with her friend. 

Taking to Instagram Kaxuxwena posted a provoking message to Dillish. Her Instastory read:

“I hope Dillish wore the MK lingerie that she bought from me two years ago when she’s with her soccer player in bed because that’s the same lingerie I wore when I slept in the same bed with Adebayor in London. I didn’t fvxk him that night. Remind her that I met him before she did.”

She also went on with her mockery of Dillish, telling her to enjoy the footballer while she still could and that she still had Adebayor’s Whatsapp number and that she could text him whenever she felt like it.

It didn’t take long for Dillish to get wind of the message and when she did, she did not take it lying down as she immediately declared war on the model. Her BFF DJ Seboa immediately went to Meriam Kaxuxwena’s DM and challenged her to a physical fight to which Meriam responded that she was going to get a restraining order on Dillish.
Meriam Kaxuxwena Instagram screenshot

Meriam Kaxuxwena and Dillish Mathews’ catfight

Keeping true to her promise of beating up Meriam, Dillish Mathews and her best friend DJ Seboa allegedly ambushed Meriam at Club Pharaohs in what was later referred to as “the battle of the slay queens.”
screenshot, source: Nalebrity

According to eyewitnesses, Dillish and Seboa pounced on Meriam Kaxuxwena, threw her off the couch and broke her nails and iPhone before they were carried outside by the club bouncers. That’s what we call a proper catfight.

Not having had enough, Dillish Mathews reportedly returned to the club and sat next to Meriam provoking her once again.

Although Meriam Kaxuxwena confirmed the brutal catfight saying she had already opened a case against Dillish and Seboa, Dillish on her part denied being a physical confrontation saying that there was no actual fighting and challenged those saying that there had been a fight to get a video of the alleged fighting.
Dillish Mathews Twitter screenshot

Did Meriam Kaxuxwena and Dillish Mathews resolve their beef? 

It is not very clear whether Meriam Kaxuxwena and Dillish Mathews ever got to bury the hatchet of their heated beef but the two haven’t been caught up in any confrontation ever since the infamous catfight.

Whether the beef is over or in a dormant state, is not clear but the two women are currently busy building their careers and winning big in their individual fields and we are proud of them.

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