Blossom The Instigator?

Whatever it is that Blossom feels for MK, is too much

By  | May 19, 2020, 02:11 PM  | Meriam Kaxuxwena  | Drama

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Blossom is so many things and in her own league. One thing we can’t take away from her is having the ability to see a business opportunity and to go for it. It is just unfortunate that in the same breath she chooses to tarnish her frienemy's name, Meriam Kaxuxwena.

This time, Blossom posted a picture showing off her body in a colorful bikini holding her soon to be launched a fragrance. The self-titled perfume is yet to hit the market and according to Blossom, it is sweet, sexy and gentle. Her fans, however, thought it was distasteful for her to mock Meriam Kaxuxwena when she included her in the status which read:

“Kiyo Kiyo where is your fragrance and what will it be called Ndjuxwa perfume”?

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Blossom’s previous post was a video of her dancing which her fans took as a celebratory dance in the light of Meriam Kaxuxwena being physically harassed by Dillish Mathews and her friend DJ Seboa. The caption in Oshiwambo when loosely translated in English stated chicken (which is Meriam’s surname) you say you can dance and you have an ass? I don’t think so. The caption was #DelushWineMoment of which, Dillish Mathews is the Namibian brand ambassador.

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Some of the comments on the post read ‘you can do better’, ‘act your age and stop provoking people’ and others ‘you are the best Blossom’. Her response to all of this was a dull excuse of her referring to her chickens back at home which nobody buys. Meriam Kaxuxwena chooses to wear her big girl shoes and doesn't tolerate Blossom and her antics. She is currently in Angola living her best life with her old friends and #RichGang. The two started beefing last year when Blossom felt insulted by someone who compared her to looking like Meriam Kaxuxwena. 

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Blossom has just recently returned from a six months stay in China where she realized her entrepreneurial skills. According to her, the trip was therapeutic, necessary and great business wise. She further admitted that it requires a lot of courage and strength to be based out of one’s comfort zone and country. Besides her fragrance, Blossom will be announcing some major news in a few days to thank her fans for being loyal to her.

She says she has a special surprise for her fans and thanked them for always supporting her. ” In a few days, I will share exciting news with everybody. It will be personal and musical. I’ve been away for a good six months which feel like six years,” she said.

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