Tweeps React To Maria's Tweets Against Homophobia

This has sparked a massive online debate

By  | May 24, 2021, 08:59 AM  | Maria Nepembe  | Drama

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Maria Nepembe recently came out guns blazing on her Twitter account to champion LGBTQI rights. In a fiery tweet, Maria tackled discrimination faced by the LGBTQI community which perpetuates violence.

The actress further condemned homophobic comments made against homosexual people due to their sexual orientation, calling on everyone to love one another.

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Maria said she has had to protect her loved ones on numerous occasions when homophobes made homophobic slurs against them. She said her loved ones have been attacked by homophobes and the police do not protect them.

"I’ve had my loved ones attacked and not protected by the police because of their sexual orientation. Constantly having to stand up for my friends when they are being harassed and called homophobic slurs. also putting my safety at risk. This is personal. Y’all can’t phase me. FO!"

Over the weekend there was a heated debate on homophobia and several tweeps have been weighing in their two cents on this issue. Amid gays being killed in several parts of the world in corrective rape incidents, people have been advocating for the LGBTQI community calling on people to denounce homophobia

"Guys this is not a debate about avocado being trash or not. These are real human beings. Your homophobic opinions put people’s lives in danger. You want people to live according to your terms. Is it crack?"

Tweeps reacted to her tweet

@IiyambohSimon "Unacceptable practice in NAMIBIA we say no to LGBT
@ being__alex_ "I seriously cannot understand the hate and violence"
@Josy_Ndili "What kind of God supports disrespect, inhumane & degrading treatment, discrimination, abuse and exclusion??? Otamu lundile Kalunga weni.... Tell us what's the real reason behind your hate for the LGBTQI community cuz it can't be who they choose to love. That's weird."

In a tweet on Friday, rapper Lioness took to Twitter to put the government on blast for not legalizing abortion, homosexuality, and marijuana.

"Og Nam is so backward sometimes, we have opportunities to legalize marijuana, legalize abortion, legalize same-sex but everything is just no I mean damn!! Chose one and let’s start there! The future is the youth’s and this is what we want!!" she tweeted.

In a tweet, last year Lioness said to those who think having an abortion is a sin starts with having sex, hence it should legalized.

"I told my psychologist that y’all are triggering me!!! Because how can you b pro-women but are against women having the RIGHT t make decisions over their bodies? I’m not saying you must be pro-abortion I’m just asking what narrative are you actually pushing? Do you want freedom?" she tweeted.

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