Maria Nepembe Disses Top Cheri

Maria Defends KP Illest

By  | Feb 24, 2021, 10:13 AM  | Maria Nepembe  | Drama

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Their feud began when Top Cheri seemingly disrespected KP Illest as an artist and Maria Nepembe came to his defense. She started tweeted in his defense and KP Illest came to her rescue when tweeps dragged Maria for her tweet against Top Cheri.

Top Cheri replied to a post with a picture of two rappers, one of them being KP Illest, with the caption asking people who their favorite rapper was. Top Cheri quoted the tweet stating ‘You guys must stop playing’ followed by laughing emojis.

This hurt the sentiments of Maria Nepembe who replied to Top Cheri’s tweet stating that the singer was finally starting to show her true colors. People took to the comments to diss for saying it, claiming that she was making a big deal out of nothing. 

Calling her ‘wifey’, people took a jab at Maria coming to KP Illest’s rescue immediately and defending his name. People were also taken aback at how dismissive Top Cheri was when it came to the two rappers and wondered out loud why she tweeted what she did. 

Top Cheri then put out a tweet saying ‘I have a favorite rapper and that’s just that bruh ... or I don’t have any rights to have a favorite ???’ after she got annoyed at the comments. Though we are sure that Top Cheri did not mean anything by her tweet, Maria was quick to reply back. 

Not backing down she said ‘Some clarity, we are allowed to have our faves. U can prefer the one without using such a belittling & undermining tone on the other. You are a musician and u know how unhealthy & toxic the comparison game is? U wouldn’t want it done to u so why do it to others? Best friends even’

It seems like Maria was quite offended by how Top Cheri handled the situation and appalled at the fact that Top Cheri would diss KP Illest, them being good friends as well. Top Cheri has not said anything about the matter after Maria’s latest tweet. 

Tweeps went on to diss Maria for her second tweet, letting her know that they thought she was overreacting. However, there were a few people who came to her defense and agreed that Top Cheri’s tone and comment were uncalled for. 

There were conflicting opinions but there was one thing that everyone agreed on. Why are Top Cheri and Maria Nepembe throwing shade at one another? Top Cheri has always spoken her mind, whether people like it or not and it seems like this time, she rubbed Maria in the wrong way. 

KP Illest was quick to defend his alleged girlfriend, the same way she did for him. Clarifying her feelings on the matter, he tweeted saying ‘@MariaNepembe isn’t mad cos I wasn’t chosen, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I believe her comment is reference to the manner in which it was said, almost with a belittling tone. Has nothing to do with feelings and everything to do with character.’

People were quick to pick sides in this catfight. Some people think that Top Cheri meant no harm by her tweet while others support Maria for defending KP Illest. 

Does Maria harbor negative feelings against Top Cheri or was she just trying to defend her ‘significant other’?

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