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Know your status and be safe kids

By  | May 19, 2020, 02:11 PM  | Luis Munana  | Drama

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It is so heartening to see celebrities and socialites help spread awareness and tackle social issues. BBA stars Luis Munana and Maria Nepembe are currently riding on that wave and the reason they got on the project is so touching. The two partnered up with the Ministry of Health and Social Services of Namibia for an HIV campaign targeted for the Namibian youth.

The two stars took to the Windhoek streets asking people the most obvious yet crucial questions with regards to their health and the topic of HIV. One would think mentioning HIV prevention methods is easy but have you had a camera in your face whilst saying them? The pressure!

The two-minute long video sees Luis and Maria asking other questions such as is your partner circumcised and why is it important to know your status.  It then concludes with Luis encouraging people to go and get tested, the make to get circumcised at it decreases the chances of one contracting HIV by 60%.

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Both Luis and Maria said they agreed on being part of the campaign because of the high rate of infected youth in the country, which is a threat to future leaders.
“It’s a youthful campaign, more youth will be cautioned to see the ad in hopes of encouraging safe sex at all times among the youth,” says Maria.

You can catch the video on both Luis and Maria’s Instagram accounts, learn a thing or two and share with your friends, family, colleagues or anyone who needs to hear this the most. Maria and Luis are indeed right to say we will be doing this for our future!

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