The Kings And Queens Of Clap Backs!


By  | May 30, 2021, 11:57 AM  | Lioness   | Drama

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1.      Lioness 

Her state of address started when Top Cheri seemingly sub-tweeted Lioness on Twitter. Top Cheri seemingly claims that Lioness offered to hire her former manager because she assumed that her manager is the one who is doing wonders for her in her illustrious career but said it is not her manager but her. "My Colleagues will c sum1 working for me and they start making the person offers a hiring them for this an that ... assuming that’s the person “doing the things”! They never get the results! cos the person “doing the things” is ME!  Hire me and my God dzarling," she wrote.

Lioness caught wind of her tweet and shuu, sis did not let it slide. The rapper clapped back and said if she is mature enough she will address her off Twitter. Lioness debunked the allegation that she hired Top Cheri's manager and said her manager is the one who came to her.
2.      Sally Boss Madam

Sally Boss Madam recently had to put on her boxing gear to fight off a hater who decided to spew hate on her latest Instagram snap. The musician posted a snap with a man with the caption "Smile and be happy always," The snap raised eyebrows on whether sis has moved on following her divorce. A fan commented on the post and said he is disappointed by Sally for giving her smile to another man instead of K Boz. "After 10 years of being with K Boz u giving that smile to another guy I'm very disappointed in you...we love you guys as partner K Boz and sally," wrote the fan.

Sally caught wind of the comment and she did not let it slide. Homegirl was clearly agitated and decided to let her fingers do the talking. Delivering her clap-back Sally responded to the fan "Thank you. Bt you need to hold your childish mentality and grow up.. do u know the person in that picture? And even if he was mine where does it concern u? Stop it or unfollow."

3.      Exit 

Just when we thought the dust had settled down, Exit came back gun blazing on King Tee-Dee after refusing to accept his apology.
Well, the ongoing feud between the two kwaito artists heated back up again today. King Tee Dee shared a screenshot of a text message that appears to be an apology from Exit and he responded saying that he will only accept his apology if he man's up and apologize publicly.
On his Whatsap status, Kind Tee Dee wrote, "your apology needs to be loud as your disrespect was. When they were talking to impress their friends and writing dis tracks it was all good, now they are apologizing." This Dogg is very stupid, 'Oshimbwa ha shi layi mboli' I dont follow the punk ass Dogg, but seriously."

4.      Gigi Lamayne 

Gigi Lamayne exposed the South African Hip Hop industry for it's filth especially towards an artist like herself. She opened up about how she was told that she was too dark skinned and ugly to make it, but now she is one of the best in the game.

She told our sister-site  ZAlebs what she meant by her rants and this is what she had to say:  “It comes with feeling that the industry is quite connection based. We’re superficial in the sense that we’re trying so hard to mimic American culture that we have forgotten how beautiful we are.” She explains. “I find it a Sho Madjozi and a Focalistic are the epitome of what South African Hip Hop should look like in terms of their sound. They both rap in their language but most of all, they incorporate the production and the sound into what I feel the standard should be.”

5.      Maria Nepembe

Their feud began when Top Cheri seemingly disrespected KP Illest as an artist and Maria Nepembe came to his defense. She started tweeted in his defence and KP Illest came to her rescue when tweeps dragged Maria for her tweet against Top Cheri.

Top Cheri replied to a post with a picture of two rappers, one of them being KP Illest, with the caption asking people who their favourite rapper was. Top Cheri quoted the tweet stating ‘You guys must stop playing’ followed by laughing emojis.

Top Cheri then put out a tweet saying ‘I have a favorite rapper and that’s just that bruh ... or I don’t have any rights to have a favorite ???’ after she got annoyed at the comments. Though we are sure that Top Cheri did not mean anything by her tweet, Maria was quick to reply back. 

Not backing down she said ‘Some clarity, we are allowed to have our faves. U can prefer the one without using such a belittling & undermining tone on the other. You are a musician and u know how unhealthy & toxic the comparison game is? U wouldn’t want it done to u so why do it to others? Best friends even’

It seems like Maria was quite offended by how Top Cheri handled the situation and appalled at the fact that Top Cheri would diss KP Illest, them being good friends as well. Top Cheri has not said anything about the matter after Maria’s latest tweet.
Picture credit: Kevin Perestrelo 
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