Lioness Remembers Her Late Mother

It has been 4 years since she passed on

By  | Feb 03, 2021, 11:15 AM  | Lioness   | Drama

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Lioness' career has been soaring to greater heights in recent months. However, just like the rest of us - not everything in her life is perfect.

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In this morning's Twitter post, the singer's post was different from her usual light-hearted uploads.  Instead, she took the moment to remember her late mother. It is no secret that the heart-ache of losing a loved one takes a long time to heal and we often remember the fond memories we shared with them, but death is final.

Lioness said today it marks 4 years since her mom left the room and said she is a good diamond in the sky, "4 year anniversary since Mum left us. You’re a diamond in the sky too good for mortal life."
Recently she opened up about her path in life saying it does not tolerate nonsense. Clearly, sis is focusing her energy on securing the bag and winning in life.

In other news, It is unclear whether Liones and Top Cheri are beefing. This follows after Top Cheri subtweeted Lioness by writing "My Colleagues will c sum1 working for me and they start making the person offers a hiring them for this an that ... assuming that’s the person “doing the things”! They never get the results! cos the person “doing the things” is ME!  Hire me and my God dzarling," she wrote.

To which, Lioness clapped back by writing "If you have an issue with me you contact me! What will subtweeting get you? No Monica! That’s not the type of relationship we have! You need to stop. I never offered to hire your manager. He came to me! But if you’re mature enough to deal with it off Twitter let me know!" she wrote.

The female rapper, juggle as a singer and a medical doctor, and she is one of the country's few musicians who are able to command the attention and presence of the audience. Since she shot fame, Lioness has never ceased to amaze us, and she is no stranger to releasing hit songs meticulously in her illustrious music career.

In January she hinted at releasing a new project on 19 February. Her last album was in 2020 titled Wish You Were Here and she said working on it was a dream come true. "This album really means a lot to me. It wasn’t an easy project, from start to finish. With the help of all the creatives involved, of course, I’ve dedicated a lot of time and work into perfecting it and making it what it is. So it means a lot to me."

"I’ve drawn inspiration mostly from personal experiences, both in my private and professional life. So I’ve just taken all of that as an inspiration for this album," she stated

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