Lioness On Getting Royalties Threats From Producers!

It seems as if homegirl is on the right track to tackle her situation.

By  | May 24, 2020, 08:38 AM  | Lioness   | Drama

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The music industry has always been a shady place when it comes to the dealings that take place outside of the spotlight. These dirtier dealings have been taking place almost in every genre and sometimes, it is difficult for artists to speak about them because of receiving end of slew threats or insults.

The latest victim is Lioness. The singer has come forward to share that some amateur producers have been threatening her for royalties.

In a tweet, she wrote "I’m getting threats about royalties from these AMATEUR producers!! Please give me that smoke give it, please." But, it seems as if homegirl is ready to tackle this situation without fear as her tweet was supported by emojis of laughs.

We hope she won't be embroiled in a more bitter battle which will affect her work and drain her energy because sometimes battles like these can be very toxic and hard to handle.

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