Lioness Drags YouTuber For Speaking Bad About Nadia Nakai

"It’s the possession for me"

By  | Mar 09, 2023, 02:53 PM  | Lioness   | Drama

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Lioness drags YouTuber who spoke filth about the late Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, his album Mass Country and his bae Nadia Nakai. The said YouTuber is famous for bashing South African celebs especially musicians and even in his death, Kiernan was not immune.

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Lioness reacted to Slik Talks new distasteful video where he spoke negatively about AKA's album, calling it a 2/10 and labelled it as garbage. Slik Talk also made mention of Nadia Nakai saying her verse was not needed and took it further by saying she is not a widow, just a glorified rebound.

"Imagine, screaming at the top of your lungs, hyperventilating, sweating making ugly faces, foaming at the mouth to be talking about someone else? It’s the possession for me," said Mrs. Hamutenya.

Slik Talk said he does not like Mass Country calling it the worst piece of work he has ever listened to.

“So I just listened to AKA’s new album called Mass Country and I’m going to give it a solid 2//10. I absolutely hate everything about this album, it’s absolutely one of the worst albums I’ve ever heard in my life. Sonically, it doesn’t even sound good, the mixing is terrible, I do not like this album one bit,” he started out. 

“It has not 1 hit, people talk about the song called Company, it’s not a hit, AKA left us an absolute piece of sh*t. This album is not worth listening to for the second time,” further added Slik Talk.

“I heard a lousy verse from Nadia Nakai which was not needed absolutely at all. I don’t know why she was there, she didn’t deserve to be there, she didn’t need to be there,” he added.

AKA's death hit people differently. Nota, a South African music executive pointed fingers at a number of people on his suspect list. “The next suspect is amazulu_fc but I’ll need them to please confirm that none of their businesses or business aligned with them supported or enabled the masterminds behind the Assassination of AKA… @bennimac17 we’ll need your assistance with this one. Irvin Khoza left Senzo Meyiwa’s matter with the police, we need to do this ourselves!”

 “They (T Effect) took him to Durban to go die. They isolated him from us. There was nobody left to protect him when it mattered the most. They made him post his location so that they could have him killed. I believe everyone involved in taking Kiernan to Durban was in on killing him. The CCTV footage says it all. We can see who was there for the rehearsals. If the cops bungle this we’ll make sure Tony Forbes gets the answers he deserves.

“Durban, we don’t want you fucking AKA tributes, we want answers. Who ordered this hit, and who are the shooters? Everyone but Tibz and the driver, was part of their set-up so Kiernan’s crew need to each individually prove themselves innocent beyond a reasonable doubt. Until we have confessions, my suspects ate Saso, DJ Feel, Don Design, and Scorpio Siya.”

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