Lioness' Cryptic Tweets Send Shockwaves

This is becoming too much for her

By  | Apr 05, 2022, 01:05 PM  | Lioness   | Drama

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Namibia’s very own medical doctor and rapper Lioness, recently took to her Twitter in what seems to be yet another rant, that is raising more questions than answers. 

This comes barely a few days after the rapper took to her Twitter in a similar fashion to put all the trolls and naysayers on her timeline on blast. 

It all started out when Lioness announced that she and her man were expecting their first child together. 

As you can already imagine this was beyond exciting news for both friends and fans of the industry mates who flooded her with congratulatory messages. 

Little did we know that others would use this as an opportunity to share their baseless sentiments with the artist. 

Immediately, it seems false rumors began to spread that Lioness was unable to show up for performances because she was pregnant, something she did not take all too kindly, and immediately slammed. 

This time, while it is not clear if the rapper is ranting about the same issue, she has gone ahead to tweet saying that “I’m not saying I don’t need anyone I’m just saying I need loyal ones!” 

That’s not all however, she also went ahead to add, “I’m just not interested in the talk behind your back but smile with you in public! It’s not me. Lol”

From her tone, it is clear that the rapper is visibly upset about something or in this case someone, but is yet to reveal who. 

Fans have since reacted echoing that it almost sounds like she is about to cut off someone and quite frankly there is no problem in that. 

We love to see that she is serious about protecting her space and her energy and we can only give her our full support!

The rapper has been on quite the unstoppable roll lately and we love to see it. She recently released a hit song with Nigeria’s Falz and we have to agree that the Linyenga single is all any of us can keep listening to. 

In fact, Lioness recently announced that Linyenga would be played on the world's famous Dotty Show by Apple Music and fans could not be more excited. 

This was a first for Nam and to see Lioness fly our flag even higher was most definitely a proud moment. 

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