How Lioness Managed To Hide Her Baby Bump For 7 Months!

"I stay scamming y’all"

By  | Jul 05, 2022, 05:21 PM  | Lioness   | Drama

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Lioness has revealed how she kept her pregnancy under wraps for a very long time from her fans. The Dance and Dance artist shared throwback pictures of her hiding her 7 months belly wearing a revealing two-piece costume.

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The Namibian rapper showed off how proud she is of the way she hid her pregnancy from people. "I stay scamming y’all," she said.

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The other time she showed off her baby bump was when she was the cover girl for Simply You Magazine. Captioning her cover shoot, she said, "Thank you @simplyyoumagazinenam for allowing me to grace the April/May issue! Special thanks to everyone who worked on this project from the amazing creative directors to the team on the floor."

Lioness is busy promoting her latest projects after releasing her latest EP Dance And Dance. Her EP has people raving about her especially her flawless music videos.

Lioness in a Twitter space interview with a London based entertainment company called Generation W, she spoke about a lot of things centering her career. From being a new mother, to a rapper, doctor and brand influencer, nothing was off limits.

How Lioness came about

"Lioness is sort of like a nickname, it started off as a nickname. And I always had like really big hair when I was growing up and everybody used to call me little lion. So it really just was something that stuck.

"I took a risk with just keeping a nickname that I got from childhood but it served me greatness I guess in some way or the other."

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How she plans on opening doors for other young artists

"Since I mentioned that you know, Namibia is a very small country, with obviously huge talents here, I also wanted to bring an identity to where I am from because people cannot even spot Namibia, which I do not blame them for. How can I make this beautiful language something people remember and be curious about."

Women in Hip Hop

Lioness spoke to Jet Club and explained the state of Hip Hop in the country especially where women are involved.

"Being a woman in the music industry itself is just a struggle. You can dance and perform [for your life], but the award will go to the men – especially in rap music as it was previously dominated by men.

"It’s very hard as a woman to be seen as equally good or be considered equally as good. Similarly, being a woman in medicine, a woman in a previously male-dominated industry. Men obviously think they’re better and even the patients prefer to be treated by a man as opposed to a woman. And so, those really were the struggles that were similar in two different professions."

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