You are Insensitive- KP Illest

Artists Are Such Babies- Sam E Lee Jones

By  | May 19, 2020, 02:11 PM  | Kp Illest  | Drama

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Celebrities on twitter are really terrible at handling criticism especially if it comes from a fellow cel;ebrity. It will obviously be perceived as a shade coming their way and is likely to start beef and an earth-shattering.

While Namibians are still busy trying to figure out why Sally never got off from the Eagle at the NAMAs, there is a small beef cooking between Producer Sam E Lee Jones and Rapper KP Illest on twitter.

What all started with a simple comment made by Sam E Lee Jones pointing out a mistake on one of the rapper song saying, "You might need to change your verse a little."

KP Illest didn't think it was a joke and struck back immediately and the beef became like a car wash hard to look away.

The rapper twitter " Some of ya'll say the most insensitive and stupid shit regarding people's love and passion but when your cause is insulted you want the world to stop and cry! criticize to build not just because you have small popularity on twitter and want to grow it by being insensitive."

Sam E Lee Jones responded saying "Broo, all I said was "you might need to change your verse a little and now I am insensitive Wow, Artists are such babies."

Even though their feud escalated faster than we thought, one wouldn’t be wrong if you ever thought that celebrities use twitter fights as a means of getting free publicity.

With that being said, some of the online beef has spilled over IRL, where things tend to get physical but in this case, Sam E Lee Jones apologized before anything could go any further.

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