Ice Prince And KP Illest Secret Out The Bag

Video shoot confirms suspicions

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Okay okay  KP Illest!! He is clearly very good at keeping things to himself. It seems like for the longest of times the hip hop artist has been working on a project with Nigerian star Diamond Platnumz and managed to keep the goodies all to himself. Initially when we asked KP Illest about the arrival of Ice Prince, he said he only knew that he was coming for the party, despite all arrows pointing to him as a host.

This was the situation until Ice Prince landed a couple of days ago and one of his first snaps in the land of the brave was of KP Illest saying how great it was to be in Namibia and it was all thanks to him.

Ice Prince Zamani came to Namibia for two reasons being to 'do business' with KP Illest and the second reason was to party a storm at the second annual V Lifestyle party that was held on Saturday in the heart of the capital. Other stars out of Namibia who were guests with Ice Prince Zamani were Zimbabwean socialite and businessman Ginimbi and TV star SK Khoza from popular series The Queen.

Before the party that was hosted at Cappello, the two stars were seen in snaps on Reggie Films who was shooting the project. The name of the project is still unknown as none of them seem to want to share anything until the project is finalized. All we can say that the lighting, location and the drip the stars have in the video is lit!

Ice Prince Zamani later shared a picture of him and KP Illest sharing a moment with the caption:

"It’s no surprise that a fav rapper of mine comes from, and leaves next to the world Wonder called #WalvisBay Truly God don’t lie KP Illest."

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KP Illest who had a bit of a loose mouth situation during his performance at the Boxx Thrive and said some unkind words to Tanzanian musician Diamond Platnumz, but later took them back is currently working an album. The rapper yelled out [email protected]*k you Diamond Platnumz and retracted his statement saying that he was under a lot of stress saying:

"I let the stresses of a very stressful day get to me and I used the complete wrong words to express my distaste for the actions of Diamond Platinumz
Yes I apologize for the foul language, but I am not happy and do not stand with what he did. However I was wrong I accept that."

We hope to see the collaboration project with Ice Prince Zamani will be featured on the upcoming album.

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