Why King Tee Dee And KP Illest Are Friendship Goals

'Boys for life'

By  | Jun 28, 2022, 05:58 PM  | King Tee Dee  | Drama

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It's always a good sight when music geniuses come together to form a bond and put on a united front. We appreciate the friendships which form and it's good to see celebs moving away from the beefing era.

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King Tee Dee posted a picture of him and KP Illest and captioned it 'boys for life.'
Fans appreciated their bond and how they remained friends despite some previous drama.

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But the two were slated to work together at some point in their career and some fans wondered if KP would be joining King Tee Dee's record label, Mshasho Records.

King Tee Dee's social media presence has increased over the years and this is because he wants to keep his relevancy. In an interview with New Era in 2020, King Tee Dee said this:

“One thing I will always be grateful for is my fans who have been supporting me throughout my music career; they never stopped believing in me and even when years pass by without dropping a new track or album, they still keep me on top. Being active on social media also helps me to keep rolling the ball.”

KP Illest on the other hand has been making moves in the industry with his recent music gig with MTN. Last month he teamed up with MTN's Y'ello Tracks to create a 45-minute set. He flew to South Africa and recorded the set same day and returned to Namibia.

He told unwrap.online he said Rockstar pitched him to the telecommunications giant and they loved him.

“The experience came about after I got a call from Rockstar saying they pitched me to MTN and they loved the idea, and so they flew me down there for the performance. I was literally in Johannesburg for 12 hours,” he says.

He also had the opportunity to perform at Cotton Fest, “Cotton Fest was crazy, Skrypt was also meant to do Y'ello tracks but he fell sick with COVID, so we're just thankful that everything fell into place for Cotton Fest,” he told the publication.

In the same interview with the blog he said, “Skrypt and I have a music video coming soon but the truth is, it's very scary to release new music, because you don't know if people will like it. Already being a hip-hop guy in a place where hip-hop isn't big, makes it that much harder.”

Speaking to YAGA News Magazine , he said “For anyone trying to dive into the industry, make sure that your mental health is strong enough to handle it cause being an artist is really hard and you need to be able to handle the strain that comes with fame the good and bad. You need thick skin before you dive into the music industry.”

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