Samuel Shines Wants Festival Cancelled

King Tee Dee, Exit and more are booked to perform here

By  | Jul 14, 2022, 05:29 PM  | King Tee Dee  | Drama

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Singer Samuel Shines is reportedly accusing Omuthiya Town Council of stealing an idea of his which involves a music festival. At the Omuthiya Othihiya Festival and Career Fair, acts such as King Tee Dee, Exit Rockaz, Top Cheri, and many more would be performing.

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According to a gossip page Nam's Hottest Tea which shared the legal letters sent to the council, Samuel came up with this idea in 2019. Samuel Shines through his attorney Salomon Kanyemba Legal Practitioners, sent a letter to the council in 2019. Years later, a similar event gets advertised.

Read the full letter below:

People added their own opinions on the matter, saying things like this happen more often than not.

@klipple_feil_syndrom_life_na: "This happens so much at Town councils and other government offices alike. Young people come to them with their ideas and they never hear back yet two-three years down the line, the same town council are implementing the same idea.

"This is robbery and should stop. So many young people have been robbed this way but they couldn’t do anything because of lack of resources to even approach a lawyer. Oyaningwa nawa."

@ipawa: "This happened to me with a now very popular festival in WHK, I had even created a Facebook page, they took the same name and I came up with and the same venue I planned on hosting it."

mind.__k: "I thought that's what we do in Namibia whenever you take too long to bring it out imma bring it out for(jus like I brought out @black.kid02 's idea), 2019 is far and some of us ain't that patient on things but they did him wrong at some point though."

Earlier this year, Shines called out for reporting about struggling artists who are hungry for success but lack understanding of how the music industry is.

"When performing artists die, it often emerges that they were struggling financially, leaving families with a heavy burden and questions. Many artists live from hand to mouth and from one gig to another. For most artists in Namibia, no work means no pay and this often results in many talents seeking other professions that they are not happy in," the publication wrote on Instagram.

But Shines called out the redundancy, "Reporting on struggling Artists is a redundant error, in my view, because we all know that the pie is relatively small, and when shared, only a few benefits if not only those from abroad," he said.

"You can’t expect a tree to bear healthy fruits if you don’t water it. This balderdash is the reason why we would hardly produce our own internationally recognized stars or even witness a state of an independent music industry that attracts foreign investors too, "...and it’s about time that those in influential positions start reporting not only on issues faced by the majority but by identifying leading factors, and equally suggesting potential solutions thereto."

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