King Tee Dragged For Saying He Will Vote For Swapo

Fans are alleging that he must have been paid to campaign for the party

By  | Nov 25, 2020, 10:46 AM  | King Tee Dee  | Drama

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Multi-talented musician and entrepreneur King Tee Dee, has been called out for publicly stating that he will be voting for Swapo in today's elections.

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Today the local and regional elections will be taking place and thousands of voters have registered to elect the new local and regional councils.

 It is no secret that international celebs like Beyonce and Jayz, always receive support from their legions of fans when they publicly state who they are supporting in elections but for local celebs, it is always an issue when they reveal their political affiliation.

In a tweet, King Tee Dee said he will be voting for Swapo "25th NOVEMBER WE VOTE FOR SWAPO, " he wrote. His tweet caused quite a stir, as his followers believe that that the party has solicited him as celebrity, to openly support their campaign.

A Twitter user said he must have been paid to campaign for the party.

"They must have paid him again, they only campaign once paid," wrote @MevrouS. A tweep came to his defense and said many think he owes them an explanation with regards to his political affiliation and he doesn't, "They think you owe them anything with regards to politicians affiliation. You them non. They must just support their favorites," wrote @@Hero30970197

King Tee Dee is no stranger to being dragged on social media. The musician was recently shaded by Young T including, Sunny Boy, KP Illest, Dion from PDK, Exit, and D Kandjafa.

In a video he posted on Instagram the rapper could be seen rapping and calling King Tee Dee "Queen Tee Dee", "Queen Tee Dee he knows I am a f*cking rider'' he raps in the video.

The rapper also said he cannot be compared to KP Illest, D Kandjafa, Exit, and Sunny Boy and also shaded the NAMAs.

Young T recently left everyone shooketh to the core when he took to Instagram in 2019, pleading with King Tee Dee to leave him alone after he apparently went to consult and traditional doctors apparently told him that King Tee Dee has been bewitching him.

As soon as he made the allegations fans started praying for him and his post received mixed reactions as fans defended King Tee Dee. Now just recently the rapper apologized to King Tee Dee. In an Instagram post, he captioned his post "I'm sorry Young T WokOngha," but King Tee Dee chose to mize him on social media.

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