King Tee Dee Slammed For Sharing A Video Which Shows Animal Cruelty!

Some have found it cringe-worthy and not funny.

By  | Jul 17, 2020, 11:11 AM  | King Tee Dee  | Drama

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King Tee Dee has ruffled feathers of many by sharing a video on Twitter which shows animal cruelty. Some of his fans commented on the video and said it is not funny, and that what has been done to the dog is cruel.

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The video shows a group of guys who are lighting what seems like fireworks attached to a dog's tail, and when the fireworks ignite the dog is seen running away whilst burning.

King Tee Dee
captioned the video "The Dogg is Running," but it did not sit well with some of his fans.

See how some reacted.

Main Image Credit: NAlebrity.
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