King Tee Dee's 28.09.19 Does Not Reach Expectations

The concert had a few technical errors but the show went on.

By  | May 19, 2020, 02:11 PM  | King Tee Dee  | Drama

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With a few main acts missing in action, the 28.09.19 concert was marred with technical errors. However, the show went on despite it's disappointments.

From South African headliners, Sjava and Biblos who were no where to be found and eventually did not make the show, to technical difficulties that delayed many of the acts' performances. That eventually lead many acts to cut their performances short to keep up with the timed schedules.

King Tee Dee is notorious for drawing as much people as he can to celebrate together, and he did just that. Many praise MC’s Agogo and Helvi Hishekwa for distracting the crowd from the disastrous technical teams' errors, by keeping the crowd entertained.

Thousands of fans were left singing and dancing despite everything and King Tee Dee had his moment with Gazza that melted everyone's hearts. It is safe to say that the unity and brotherhood displayed by the two will influence greatly on the music industry and it's growth.

All the acts that were booked to entertain crowds for the evening did a stellar job, props to them.

King Tee Dee took to Instagram to thank fans and sponsors for their support;
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He also promised an even bigger and better show next year that people can look forward to;
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Another highlight for the night was when Sunny Boy and Amadaz Floor used their platform and voice to condemn gender based violence. The icon said:

”They kept us for nine months, clothed and fed us and then you grow up and hit a woman? Enough is enough, we need to do something about that."

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