King Tee Dee Encourages Teens To Get A Little Nip/Tuck

...And No Its Not Plastic Surgery

By  | May 19, 2020, 02:11 PM  | King Tee Dee  | Drama

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King Tee Dee is making the rounds around NAM and is encouraging young men at their high schools to be smart-but probably in the way you weren't expecting.

This philanthropic muso, is educating these fine young men to get snipped.
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Having achieved to get over 15 000 smart cuts countrywide as the ambassador of the campaign, King Tee Dee is back again on the road spreading awareness massages and encouraging young men to get the cut and help the King spread the word.

So far, King Tee Dee has been posting videos and pictures of him at work on his socials, visiting schools and malls, gathering the masses to hear it from him directly.

In the videos, King Tee Dee speaks to the teens in a big brother/cool uncle kind of way in order for the boys to really appreciate and take to heart the seriousness of the topic. 

He is hoping by reaching out to these young men in this direct manner, that the boys take their lives seriously and continually practice safe sex and  prevent sexually transmitted diseases by getting the smart cut at any public clinic or private hospital.
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The kids have seen to really take his words or wisdom into consideration and on social media, King Tee Dee's fans commend his efforts and are calling him nothing short of inspirational.
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It looks like the awareness of this matter will continue on throughout the course of the year but you'll have to stay locked onto King Tee Dee's social media pages to see if he is heading to a school or mall near you.

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