How Insensitive Can One Man Be?

King Monada needs to mind what he says.

By  | Jan 21, 2022, 01:22 PM  | King Monada  | Drama

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If there's ever a pandemic that brought the entire world to a stand still, it has to be COVID-19. So many people have lost friends and  family members to the virus and people have become more aware and careful with how they live as they do not want to end up being part of the statistics. However, Monada's latest remarks about the pandemic have landed him in hot water. 

With more cases and deaths being reported every day, Twitter users are miffed that the musician ignored the severity of the virus. King Monada was responding to a Twitter user who asked how often people conduct COVID-19 tests.

The Malwedhe hitmaker replied to the tweet by saying COVID-19 is over. Tweeters criticized him for being self-centered. "People are dying outhere but some people's role models are joking around about this killer virus" a tweep replied to his tweet.

In 2021 a lot of artists and ordinary people contracted the virus. Minnie Dlamini, who contracted it twice, expressed her heartache at not being in a position to bond with her one-year-old son Netha due to her illness.

“Being away from my child for work is very difficult…But nothing is worse than being in the same house and hearing him laugh and cry for me but I can’t hold him and kiss him,” she shared on her Instagram stories.

“He’s so young. I hope he understands. COVID sucks,” she added. Musa and Liesel contracted the virus and had to isolate for some time. Musa recovered before his wife and on the day he had to head back to work – it saddened him that he had to leave his sick wife behind.

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