Kalux Had His Home Invaded

The muso opens up

By  | Apr 25, 2023, 11:36 AM  | Kalux Karunga  | Drama

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Home invasions are something which leaves many scared and disturbed. For musician Kalux Karunga, that is the case as his Otjiwarongo home recently suffered a break in.

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Kalux detailed the ordeal on his social media where he said he arrived at his home and found the doors wide open. Upon entering, he saw that his studio equipment had been stolen. This also includes music he recorded previously many years ago.

Kalux was working on a song with Yeezir and Chester House Prince when the studio equipment got stolen during the invasion.

“We were supposed to go and complete our song with Yeezir and Chester House Prince that night and we pulled up at my house and it was open. When I went to the studio, it was empty. I was in disbelief. I haven’t dropped an album for that long. It was a bad, bad moment for me,” Kalux wrote on IG.

Kalux prides himself with delivering great work. He released a project consisting of 4 languages.

"I speak six languages which are Rukwangali, Otjiherero, Damara Oshiwambo, English and Afrikaans. I wanted the song to be different as the beat was also different from my usual style. I thought Rukwangali will best suit the beat and it turns out I was not wrong. It has been getting traction especially from my Kavango fans and I am glad I did them justice," he said.

Protecting herself from situations similar to this, Dillish Mathews decided to purchase a licensed firearm.

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"They (police) told me to get a firearm, so I did. Gun license approved. My gun is here, don't worry, this is for self-defense purposes, and I feel good.

"I am the man and the woman of this house, so break into my house when I am not here, that's fine. Break into my house, and I am here, sir you gonna meet your creator, you going up to the third flow so yah it makes me feel good and it's just for self-defense purposes. Yeah, growing up is crazy at least it is done and dusted," she wrote.

But the times they broke into her home, she was not present, "They broke into my house again this month. Luckily I was not home again. The police told me it gets worse, therefore, I bought a gun. Take care ladies."

"Every day someone gets raped or killed. I don't want to become a statistic. So I took a step finally after thinking about it for years since I was 27. If you would like to know what the steps are you can go to the police station, and they can tell you," she said.

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