Julius's Expensive Taste

He works hard to get what he wants.

By  | May 19, 2020, 02:11 PM  | Drama

Julius Malema is one of South Africa's most popular personalities. From his days being a member of the ANC political party to him amassing support from South Africans which led to the formation of his own political party, we can safely say he's become quite the celeb.

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Julius is always in the media for many reasons, but one thing he's known for is taking a stand for the less fortunate populace in South Africa. He is passionate about fighting for the people's rights to be recognised and this is why most people love him. Although he is an ambassador for most in SA, it does not mean his lifestyle has to be clad in drabs.

Recently, the political leader got dragged for wearing a seemingly expensive jacket from an Italian brand which is priced at a whooping R22 000. This was during the EFF's sixth anniversary celebrations and the Twitter police immediately brought out their guns.

Which other celebs have been dragged for the expensive clothing here.

Though Juju has been in the media over some controversial issues where he was said to be owing large sums of money, Julius is one man who is working hard for his money. If he can afford the finer things in life with his hard earned money, why should he be crucified for it?

With all of these high-end purchases, it's clear that some of our celebrities are rolling in the dough.

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Main Image Credit:Instagram/@julius.malema.sello