''I Had Little To No Support''

Selma Kamanya Reveals All

By  | May 19, 2020, 02:11 PM

Selma Kamanya has come out guns blazing accusing Miss Namibia Institution of squandering sponsored funds and pointing out a few challenges she endured throughout her journey.

In a letter written to (NAMPA), Kamanya said she had not received much support from Miss Namibia Institution which somehow became more of a financial burden to her.

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"I have found that i had little  to no support from the institution of Miss Namibia beauty pageant. This was particularly challenging because the institution holds authority over how a Miss Namibia may appear in what manner aligned with a number of the  terms and conditions that Miss Namibia is subjected to," she explained.

She further pointed out her financial challenges saying that she had to cover most of the expenses which quadrupled her personal funds.

"I found out that as Miss Namibia, i had to cover much of the expenses  from personal funds. The impact of this was felt  most severely by my parents, who had had to sustain me continually. Bluntly speaking, there was no real monetary reward for becoming an ambassador for Namibia through this platform," she wrote.

Kamanya who advised the institution to have a more clear and honest communication with contestants on what the title 'Miss Namibia' entitle in the near future added that, she had to make sacrifices for the benefit of the title.

"These  difficult circumstances  are sadly also not communicated or shared with contestants before or during the process. It only comes as a rude awakening after the crowning," she said.

According to the queen of beauty, the main sponsor of Miss Namibia 2018, Namibian Diamond Training Company (NDTC), gave N$300,000 and she received  and N$18 000 cash prize broken down as  N$10,000 from NDTC, N$4,000 from Emanya and another N$4000 from Standard bank.

"Of this sum, I only received the first N$8 000 after numerous request, including pleadings by my mother. I have since visited sponsors  that have informed me that they have indeed given cash prizes to the pageant which i know nothing about," she noted.
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