Sharon Tjimbundu Addresses Her Nude Saga

She had major regrets after the incident…

By  | Apr 18, 2021, 11:42 AM  | Drama

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TV sports anchor Sharon Tjimbundu, is one of Namibia's most eligible bachelorettes. Sis really knows how to slay and turn heads well, that's how she rolls. She's all about that another day, another slay life. Along with being one of the country’s most respected sports journalists, she had created a name for herself outside of day-job, and left us all drooling at her bodacious body and top-notch ensembles. 

Whilst we fawn over her, Sharon brought us back to reality in February 2021, when she reminded us that she is also human. According to an article published by The Namibia/ Unwrap, 700 Instagram users saw her naked body on Instagram, in a live video and she took to social media to break her silence following the viral video.

 “I hate myself and my life right now. I swear I wanna die right now. I was not aware of what was happening, because I was half asleep. I cannot control other people's actions and I need to make better choices,” she said.

A brand strategist Kalistus Mukoroli, told the publication that this could affect her career as brands would think twice about collaborating with her as she is also a well-known influencer and brands are quite strict on who they collaborate with.

 “Namibian brands like being associated with influencers who are aligned to their brand and image, and this is surely something they won't like. Brand influencing is a career, and here you are fumbling your own pocket. Even her current employers or brand may look into it to see if their brand was tarnished in terms of brand association. We do understand it's in her personal space, but she is a public personality and that opens her up for scrutiny,” he said.

After drama took place, Sharon took a month long hiatus from Instagram, and returned for International Women’s Day, where she proved that she had nothing to be ashamed of. Posing in white booty shorts and a matching white tank top, the journalist captioned her post with, “Where there’s a woman, there is magic! Happy International Women’s day to all the incredible women.”
Since then, Sharon has not skipped a beat with her Instagram posts, and it truly appears that she is over it. Many of her fans have encouraged her to hold her head up high and exude confidence. She has also managed to maintain many of her brand deals, proving that the saga truly did not shake her career. 

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