Get Rich Dragged For Showing Off Money

Michael Amushelelo Defends Him

By  | Feb 18, 2021, 12:51 PM  | Get Lich  | Drama

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After Paulus Ndjambi aka Get Rich got dragged for showing off his money and luxuries, Michael Amushelo posted a picture of the rapper defending his actions in the caption. This received mixed reactions from fans and followers. 

The rapper had recently become the talk of the town after showing off his riches on social media. This resulted in people dissing the rapper and calling him out on it. A couple of days later, Michael Amushelelo took to Instagram to show his support for the rapper.
A clip of rapper Paulus Ndjambi started trending. In the video, he could be seen flaunting his money and all the luxuries he could buy with the money he has. The video was supposedly a clip from his new music video. 

He was heard muttering some lyrics from a song and was seen throwing money around. He also showed off a shiny watch which is worth a million dollars. The 46-second clip started trending almost instantly for all the wrong reasons. 

He got criticized for showing off so much money on social media as the Bank of Namibia has stated that as illegal. They have mentioned before that citizens should refrain from posting pictures and videos of Namibian dollar notes on social media as it violates Section 25 of the Bank of Namibia Act, 1997 (Act No.15 of 1997), as amended.

It is illegal to copy, depict, replicate or stimulate a part or the whole visual of Namibian currency. The video had people tagging the bank to urge them to take action against the rapper. 

Despite most people criticizing the rapper for the video, there were a few that supported him. His fans were happy to see him act like his true self. The rapper does have a loyal fan following of people who respect him and his music. 

One of the people defending him was Michael Amushelelo. Michael Amushelelo has achieved a lot at a very young age. He is a motivational speaker, a mentor, a social activist, and a young entrepreneur. 

Quite a controversial figure himself, he publicly supported the rapper on his Instagram twice. The first time he posted a picture of Paulus on his social media, it was Michael that got dragged by people in the comment section for his caption. 

He posted a picture of the rapper sitting in a Mercedez Benz holding two huge wads of cash with the caption “Your English is A+ but your account is on minus. Fluency in a language is not a measure of intelligence. Respect to my N*gga @my_n*gga_getrich please follow him.”

Some of the angry comments were: 
‘Just because fellow citizens don’t drive Mercedes Benz or don’t have cash around to show, doesn’t mean they’re not successful, well they are in their own definitions..’
‘So in short, u gave n*gga getrich money simple just to get more followers? I got the deal now’
‘There comes your future president....😂😂😂😂😂😂Stupidity will never hide itself.... We now see your true color’
‘But this boy Amushelelo is just really stupid mahn. Sometimes he makes sense but sometimes ah’

People were instantly angered by what he said but that did not stop the young entrepreneur from taking a stand for the rapper again. 

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