Trouble In Paradise For Gazza And His Wife?

Are we sure he and Golden are okay?

By  | Mar 14, 2022, 04:22 PM  | Gazza  | Drama

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For as long as we can remember, Namibia’s favorite superstar Gazza and his beautiful wife Golden Shiimi have always been the power couple that everyone envies and admires. 

The two have been married for over a decade now and recently welcomed a newborn into their family. And while they make such a happy couple, fans have noticed that something may be amiss in their relationship. 

This is after a discussion arose on the Omajuices gossip page after fans noted that neither Gazza nor Golden wear their wedding rings anymore. 

A fan mentioned that in one of Gazza’s recent photos, a follower had asked him where his wedding ring was, only for Gazza to say that he was getting it cleaned or polished. 

And while this could be true, fans seem to believe that that could be just an excuse to cover up the fact that things may not be okay. 

Screenshot: Omajuices

As you already know, unlike many other celebrities here in Nam, Gazza likes to keep his personal life private, more so when it comes to his family matters. 

And while he rarely posts photos of them on his respective social media handles, not wearing his ring does not necessarily mean that they are calling it quits does it? 

In a recent interview with The Namibian, Gazza admitted that his music career can be so demanding that he sometimes does not have time to spend with his family, especially when he is working on an album. 

During the interview Gazza said, β€œEach time, I promise to spend time with them when the album is done, but then things change. It gets very busy. I have to travel and network.

β€œI try to be with them on Christmas day, but then we are already booked. January is normally when there is time to be with my family.”

But while the sharks seem to be smelling blood in the water where Gazza’s marriage is concerned, his fans have shown up for him saying that just because they are not wearing their wedding rings does not mean that there is trouble in paradise. 

One fan went on to add that every marriage is different and people should just stop assuming the worst, just because the couple is not conforming to the standards set by society.

Screenshot: Omajuices

Screenshot: Omajuices

Well, we can only hope that this is true because it would be sad to see them call it quits.

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