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Gazza Responds To Social Media Critics

By  | May 19, 2020, 02:11 PM  | Gazza  | Drama

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Award-winning artist Lazarus Shimi, also known as Gazza has responded to social media critics that broke the internet after he shared a post of open vacancies available in Dubai.

In an exclusive interview with The Namibian Newspaper, Gazza said, he is not forcing anyone to apply, but is certainly sure that the job opportunities availed are not a hoax.

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“We have already shortlisted about 250 candidates and I can assure Namibia that this is not a hoax. Why would I want to do anything to harm my country and its people? In life it often goes like this – there will always be some people who would want to apply and others who would be complaining. If you don't feel comfortable to apply, then don't,” he said. 
He further expressed disappointment in how Namibians negatively use social media saying “I am adhering to a challenge that our country is facing. I am a solution-based type of person. It makes me sad to know that some Namibians are driven by negativity. Namibia, it is time to change our mindsets and be more positive, so we move forward instead of just always trying to point the wrong fingers."
He explained that he went out of his way to inquire on available vacancies during his trip to Dubai saying that Namibians should sometimes learn to appreciate efforts made by other people.
He mentioned that he will be joined by a representative from either the ministry of youth or the office of the president on his next trip to check a few matters he failed to prioritize during his last trip.
“We need to check on things such as accommodation because for me it is very important to have things in place. I am not going alone, because I am doing this for my country,” he said. 
 He further told The Namibian that successful candidates will first sign a three-month probation contract and thereafter sign another two-year contract, which is renewable. 
 He also mentioned that he is currently busy making plans to avail more job opportunities for the unemployed Namibians in Russia.
“Our youth, for now, need to work outside the country, because there are no jobs available at this moment. I am very positive about them working outside the country because they will gain experience that they will be able to later bring back to Namibia when more jobs will be available here,” he said.

Gazza is proving to be the honourable man that he is and this is a great opportunity for the youth of Namibia.

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