Gazza Vs Exit: Who Is The Most Successful And Talented Artist?

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By  | Jan 26, 2021, 11:44 AM  | Gazza  | Drama

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The Twitter streets are currently lit in the country, as Gazza and Exit are being pitted against each other.

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It is no secret that both the musicians have worked extremely hard in their respective careers to decorate their resumes and they have multiple income streams, but their successes and talents have left many divided

Although they are both a force to be reckoned with in the game, some Twitter users have weighed in their opinions saying Gazza has worked extremely hard for several years to build his brand and Exit is still climbing the ladder towards greatness so they should not compare them.

The debate was sparked by a Twitter user who compared the two musician's greatest achievements and the debate spread like wildfire on Twitter.

Some have accused Gazza of being paid by Swapo to create music for the party. This follows after the party apparently splashed N$5 million on Gazza and King Tee Dee, to campaign for the party a few years ago.

A Twitter user who goes by the handle of  @liancyane said comparing Gazza to Exit is a big insult, "Comparing Gazza to exit is a big insult. Exit is a young man who is earning from his hardworking and an inspiration. Gazza is a fishrot beneficiary who got free money from a corrupted regime."

Some have weighed in their two cents saying that Exit is talented but his image has been tainted that brands are no longer interested in working with him. "The only reason why Exit hardly gets endorsement deals, is probably because people have already painted him a bad color, making brands contemplate working with him. Publicity matters the most in that case, and Exits one is not really the best. But Talent, Exit has it all guys," wrote @@Martha_Isak.

Here are some of the comments from Twitter about the musician being compared to each other. @ @NaldoNghipulile wrote, "It really is Gazza and Dogg are like the Ronaldo and Messi of Namibia and when you compare a small manikie like Rashford to any of them it's an insult. hope you understood that....But the truth is neh Exit ain't on Gazza's level and that's a fact you. need to acknowledge."

@liancyane wrote "No one is hating, it was really an insult to say Exit big achievement was being compared to Gaza."

In 2019 Exit dissed King Tee Dee and Exit after he posted on his Instagram page stating that the game, in reference to the music industry was boring and that he wanted someone to provoke him. Exit also said that they must retire and give them a chance to thrive too.

It turned out that his post was indirectly meant for Gazza and King Tee Dee who also took to their pages saying that they don’t have time to entertain people whom they have helped get where they are.

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