Gazza Dragged To Court Over N$300 000


By  | Mar 29, 2022, 02:48 PM  | Gazza  | Drama

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It seems there is trouble in paradise for Namibia’s superstar Gazza after reports emerged that he is being dragged to court for allegedly breaching a contract with one Trinity Transaction Advisory (TTA). 

If you can recall, it was not that long ago when Gazza landed a big deal with KFC Namibia. What we did not know however was that he was bagging a whopping N$2 million from the deal, after which, he was supposed to pay the consultancy company a 20% commission. 

According to the Namibian, the said consultancy company, Trinity Transaction Advisory (TTA) has reported that they have only apparently received N$180 250, for which they were supposed to have received N$589 041.50

In response to the allegations that have been made against him, Gazza has outrightly denied breaching the contract, arguing that TTA did not deliver fully as well on their side hence the reason he only paid them the N$180 000.

β€œThe plaintiff did not execute the services efficiently, diligently and professionally and failed to act in the best interests of the defendants, in particular that they adopted an insolent attitude towards the defendants and their stakeholders and time and again hurled insults towards them.” said Gazza

Gazza Music Production and TTA had apparently started working together last year in May, and were meant to be in contract for one year up until June 2022 before this whole conundrum began. 

From the look of things, it looks like Gazza will not be backing down anytime soon and neither will the company. The hearing is yet to be done this coming April and fans and netizens are eager to see how this whole drama will unravel. 

This comes barely a few days after fans noticed that he and his wife were allegedly having trouble in paradise. This was after a fan noticed that neither Golden nor Gazza were wearing their wedding rings, which could only insinuate that things were not as rosy as they seemed. 

Even after these reports came out, none of them denied or accepted the rumors that were spreading like wildfire but fans also did not fail to show up for them and instead slam all the slander that was going round about their fave couple.

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