Exit Slams People On Instagram Who Flaunt Fake Lifestyles

Preach bro!

By  | Nov 27, 2020, 03:10 PM  | Drama

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Local musician Exit, has slammed Instagrammers who are living fake lifestyles on the photo-sharing app.

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In a tweet shared on Friday 27 November  2020. Exit said he feels so much pity for people who wake up and go on a shopping spree and buy clothes from Chinese stores and spend 50 bucks on a glass of wine at a fancy place, just to looks glamourous on Instagram.

One fan shared the same sentiments with him and said people do not want to be real.

It is no secret that Instagram in particular has become a dog eat dog world, as most people are constantly competing for better content. People are always flaunting their opulent lifestyles and those who cannot afford are often left breathing through the wound, by the content they consume.

As social media influencers are taking over the digital marketing space, most people want to look glamourous on the app by creating sizzling content and secure the bag.

There are also those who just want to flex but when you delve deeper into their lifestyles away from the app it's not what they display on Instagram but as they say, people are entitled to spend their hard-earned cash on everything they want and we do not judge.

Exit is currently preparing to release his album titled Forever. The album will be released on 30 November 2020. Exit seems to be very ecstatic about the release of the album and has been posting about it on his social media.

He reflected on The Last Supper album and says it captured his life last year perfectly and the music represented his existence in 2019. ''Great album The Last Supper very good since last year to date. Love to look at it as a personal time in my life were I needed to find out who is who? And I'm glad I know, dropping my new gift/album Forever this end of November,'' he tweeted

Taking to Instagram lately, the musician shared a snap of him holding an unidentified woman's butt and social media users were left guessing who it might be.

Some fans speculated that the woman might be Top Cheri. Exit recently released his much-anticipated remix for his hit Kwaito song Kondjifa. Many people wanted to figure out who had the best verse and who outdid the other artist with better rhyming schemes, flows, and subject content.

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