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By  | Oct 13, 2021, 03:52 PM  | Drama

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An article published by Namibian, reveals a story of a young girl who claims to have been raped by a man purporting to be rapper and musician Exit. And while Exit has just recently taken to his social media his response to the story, it is clear that his fans are not taking any of it. It is true that Exit is loved and adored by many, but to use his identity to commit a heinous crime is and was uncalled for. 

The fans have rebuked the actions of both the victim and the suspect all over social media with most of them if not all arguing that as fans and avid followers of the Kwaito artist, it is time to be vigilant in identifying those who are ready and willing to use the name of an artist as a means to defame their reputation. On Instagram for example, some of the comments that have been published as a response to the story are as seen below;

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Fans are fazed at how hard it was for the young Namibian girl to identify Exit's true identity after what had been a one-month communication online. These reactions are well justified but seeing that there are many fake social media accounts in the artist's name, it is no wonder that the girl fell prey to the imposter's act. More reactions from the story are like;

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The same displeasure was seen on Twitter, the overall feeling being that Exit should take legal action against the imposter, whose identity is soon to be unearthed. Fans are not only annoyed that the imposter had the audacity to pretend to be Exit, but are also outraged that the teenage girl still entertained the man's charade even after meeting him at the said venue.   

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Now while we cannot plaster all the comments by the fans on here, it is clear that this story hit a nerve. There is no justifying why the suspect used Exit's identity as a means to satisfy his own selfish needs. We can only urge Exit's fans to be more cautious about who they interact with online under the guise of a favourite musician or artist. That, and to inform the authorities of any suspicious individuals who want to follow in the same footsteps.

Speaking to The Namibian, the rapper who was asked to comment on this story mentioned that as a celebrity, this was not the first time someone used his name or that of another celebrity name as their own for an ulterior motive and that it is still unclear why someone would choose to do so. Exit has gone ahead to also remind fans to be on the lookout for fake social media accounts that could be used to perpetrate such crimes. For now, he has put his fans at ease by confirming that the imposter has finally been found. 

He said: "Our names are used for a lot of things. This is not the first time. I do not understand why. There's only one Exit. Watch out for pretenders and fake social media accounts. The nature of his crime is unforgivable. Imagine the effect it had on the victim and her family. Where is the world heading to? What is this?” 

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