Fans Express Disappointment After Artists Pull A No-Show

Is this even acceptable?

By  | Aug 08, 2022, 06:08 PM  | Exit Rockaz  | Drama

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A popular gossip page exposed some Namibian artists for disappointing their fans during performances this past weekend. Artists such as Exit Rockaz had the people talking on social media, and it is not for the right reasons.

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Exit was booked to perform at the Oshikombo Activation and Promo Show but left mid-performance. This angered a lot of party goers as he left no explanation.

Another artist who got called out was DJ Spuzza who did not show up in any of his performances in Arandis.

Lastly Young-T also pulled a no-show at his gig in Otjiwarongo.

Nam Hot Tea wrote, "This past weekend was such a huge disappointment for a lot of music lovers over the country as artists don’t show up to their gigs!!

"Fans are taken for a po*s by these artists!! Imagine going to a club expecting your favorite artist to perform and only to be told that they are not coming at all !! They don’t even have the decency to inform their fans before hand!! Nam artist need to do better."

@just__tullie: "Support local and local is letting us down ☹️ even if the organizers are at fault they should finalize their things first before getting people excited for nothing and taking their money."

@banks_masimboti: "This guys think they are the real deal mbela."

@dr.mavest: "Artist not showing up must be an issue of the organiser. Most cases organizers breaching agreements."

@rosoken__: "Look, sometimes these people use names and pay the name owner for using their name, a certain organiser can use Gazza's name and pay him just to get more fans to come, in most cases this is how it works in others this happens when organiser disagree with the artist, it mostly has to do with offering the wrong amount to the artist/ not paying on time, so artists are not to be blamed but the organisers...If you know you cant pay artists the right amount or on time then don't book the artists simple."

@pendu_94: "Thimbolimww ohakuti ike artists what what bit some shows are free shows and some of the organisers disappoint. Imagine being treated kaak for a show that is aint bringing anything in your pocket. I hate the Namibian music industry. Artists work hard but the numerations are very low."

Fans were also left disappointed after a Nasty C concert got canceled. Nasty C just told his fans to demand refunds and did not specify why he could not pitch but even though fans were disappointed.

Lioness was satisfied that the show got canceled because there were no female rappers anyway. "I mean a show without one female act surely cannot work."

She got dragged by people who told her if she wanted to perform she could have easily contacted someone instead of writing what she wrote on Instagram.

"Not the comment you want to make public as a public figure and Namibian rapper. If I were you I would delete. Also if you wanted to be on the line up you could have just called KP Illest straight. Why do you people celebrate other people's falls man. Do better."

But Lioness did not back down and so she clapped back by saying, "Firstly I am always going to advocate for women. Your lil jabs at a greater cause is what's messy."

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