Flame Says Emtee Has Not Had A Hit Since 2017

These two rappers are now beefing?

By  | Feb 10, 2021, 04:18 PM  | Emtee  | Drama

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It seems as though today is 'Emtee appreciation' day but Flame wants to take the spotlight away from him. The rapper Emtee has been trending with fans appreciating his music, but Flame wants his dislike towards the rapper to take center stage.

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The Roll Up hitmaker only asked this question: "Who make better hooks than me?"

Flame came at him guns blazing saying he is better than him, "I don’t have anything against Emtee guys. I’m jus sayin I don’t believe he’s a better artist than me as much as he believes I’m not."

Emtee clapped back by saying he does not want to compete with anybody, he just wants to make music and raise his children.

"I asked a simple question. WHO MAKE BETTER HOOKS THAN ME? Never said I’m better than anybody or compared myself to anybody. Yall lil boys carry on competing. I’m making music n raising my kids," he said.
Flame kept the clapbacks coming and dissed the rapper by saying his last hit song was in 2017, "Okay Emtee, your last hit was in 2017 ... what now? And FYI. I got 2 awards bro , and Ambitiouz ain’t bought them. They right here in my crib.  Work on your relevance, you slacking."

"Had a label push you yet I got more of catalog on the charts !! So much for a hit maker don’t you think," continued Flame.
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