DJ Zinhle On Being Dragged Into Nellie's Death

"They are cruel"

By  | Sep 20, 2021, 02:56 PM  | DJ Zinhle  | Drama

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DJ Zinhle has finally opened up being dragged into the death of AKA's late fiancee Nellie Tembe. When Nellie died Zinhle and Bonang trended on social media as many people were comparing AKA's relationship to the two. Zinhle's picture also appeared on a slide show that was shown live on TV during Anele's funeral.

Addressing this for the first time on her reality show DJ Zinhle: Unexpected' which premiered on BET Africa on Friday, Zinhle said people are cruel for making Nellie's passing about her.

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Her main concern was being involved in something she had nothing to do with but also sympathised with both Kiernan's and Anele's families. “This is something that is happening in Kiernan’s life but because Kiernan and I have a child together, it ends up affecting me. Kiernan has lost someone he loves and now people are making it about me,” said Zinhle.

“In my view right now, there are people that are going through worse with the situation… but it’s just also a bit tough when the comments are so cruel,” she told Moozlie.

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DJ Zinhle: Unexpected, airs every Saturday on BET Africa at 19h30.

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