DJ Stavo Stands Up For Zim

The DJ wants more recognition!

By  | May 19, 2020, 02:11 PM  | DJ Stavo  | Drama

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Zimbabwean club DJ and music producer, DJ Stavo, started a bit of a twitter storm this week when he called out local club owners for spending a fortune on booking foreign acts while paying local Zimbabwean talent peanuts! 

Stavo's tweet read: 
“Zim Clubs busy bringing "TOP" acts from other countries & paying thousands USD yet can't support & pay their very own local acts in USD. How are we supposed to grow if you can't support your very own & you expect us the pull miracles on High quality videos & production. Nxaaa,” 

The tweet has generated a lot of debate in the Zimbabwean twitter community with many taking the veteran DJ's stance as well. 
“Local artists should be supported we know those foreign artists because they are fully supported in their countries,” tweeted Fortune Khumalo.
Another response to Stavo’s tweet by Brian Kasu reads,

 “Sad indeed. Charity begins at home. We must learn from other countries. Look in Jamaica, UK, and USA they support their artists e.g. #Hollywood and India #Bollywood. These countries really support their arts. Let's us learn to copy from others.”
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