DJ Fresh And Euphonik Are Waiting For Their Case Number

It seems the DJs have opened a case against the accusers

By  | Jan 18, 2021, 05:51 PM  | DJ Fresh  | Drama

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DJ Fresh and Euphonik are not keeping their mouths shut on their ongoing rape investigation levelled against them. This follows after they have been hogging the headlines for allegedly drugging and raping four women.

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Now it seems they have decided to pursue the legal route, by opening a case against the accuser. The details about the case remain hush-hush , but a wild guess suggests that it could be a defamation of character case against the accuser.

In a tweet, Euphonik tagged the South African Police Service and asked them for their case number, saying they have been waiting for it "Hi @SAPoliceService not sure who we can talk to but we’re waiting for a case number and eagerly anticipating details. Thank you," he tweeted.

Secondly, we have DJ Fresh's who tweeted maintained that he does not know the accusers, "This is all so weird, having to explain myself about a person I don’t even know!!!!"
DJ Fresh has since denied the allegations. Last week, he encouraged the women to open a case. Both the DJ's have issued a statement, they'll be stepping away from public engagement until the matter is resolved.

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