"You Are Not The Boss Of My Womb F*ck Off" -Dillish

Dillish delivers lethal clapback

By  | Jul 21, 2021, 10:01 AM  | Dillish Mathews  | Drama

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Dillish Mathews has proven from time to time that she's not one to be trifled with. The socialite and media personality is always targeted by haters who want to spew hate on her social media platforms but when she snaps she delivers lethal clap backs and protects her peace.

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Namibia's social media darling and influencer Betty Davids recently debuted her pregnancy and while everyone was congratulating her a hater came for Dillish and the media personality was not impressed at all. This is after Dillish commented on Betty's post congratulating her.

The hater prevented Dillish from congratulating Betty and saying she should be the one with a bun baking in the oven next.

The socialite did not let it slide and she clapped back. Dillish responded and said, "You are not the boss of my womb f*ck off." Shuu! We honestly did not see this one coming but FYI, don't mess with the queen of clap backs again.
Screenshot: @Dillishmathews

Image Credit: Kosiue.blogspot.com
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