Dillish's Rumoured Boyfriend In Trouble?

"Dillish has always been embarrassed to be seen with him"

By  | Jun 14, 2022, 02:54 PM  | Dillish Mathews  | Drama

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Dillish Mathews is making rounds on social media after her rumoured boyfriend was allegedly caught cheating on an exam. A popular Instagram gossip page outed the rumoured boyfriend for apparently cheating, saying that is the reason Dillish was not seen with him anymore.

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"Hot tea can exclusively reveal that Dillish friend or whatever he is to her was caught by invigilators copying on his law exams yesterday. He was caught copying with 2 other ladies," the page wrote.

They took it further by alleging that the said boyfriend was embarrassed after getting caught that he asked to speak to the invigilators outside the exam room.

"My sources exclusively revealed that apparently, the guy was so embarrassed he was caught copying that he asked to talk to the invigilators outside!! Hot tea hopes dillish talk to her friend to study and not the short cut route in life!!"

They then threw shade at Dillish and the rumoured boyfriend, "Dillish has always been embarrassed to be seen with him, now we see why!!"

Dillish has always tried to be private with her personal life and also her dating life. Dillish once touched on her dating life and issued a message to the men who have it in for her ever since she became single, "For all the men who have tried to play me since I’ve become single… hope you don’t sleep well ever again.”

No word on whether Dillish is currently single or not.

Sis is also big on protecting herself and advises women to take self defense classes and also own a gun.

"They told me to get a firearm, so I did. Gun license approved. My gun is here, don't worry, this is for self-defense purposes, and I feel good," she said.

Dillish claimed that her home got broken into, "I am the man and the woman of this house, so break into my house when I am not here, that's fine. Break into my house, and I am here, sir you gonna meet your creator, you going up to the third flow so yah it makes me feel good and it's just for self-defense purposes. Yeah, growing up is crazy at least it is done and dusted," she wrote.

"They broke into my house again this month. Luckily I was not home again. The police told me it gets worse, therefore, I bought a gun. Take care ladies."

"Every day someone gets raped or killed. I don't want to become a statistic. So I took a step finally after thinking about it for years since I was 27. If you would like to know what the steps are you can go to the police station, and they can tell you," she said.

Ladies, best take her advise!

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